The IONIFLASH MACH NG TF rises into the air !

The Ioniflash MACH NG 60 TF, now
UL compliant


Proof of the pursuit of our continuous improvement, and strategical target in our politic of quality: Our IONIFLASH MACH NG 60 TF is now UL compliant. Download the certificate now.

The IONIFLASH MACH NG 60 TF already protect one of the highest bridge in the world :

Millau Viaduct


Its pillar P2, the highest, stands 343 meters above the ground.

Each one of the 7 pillars of the famous Millau Viaduct in France are protected by our air terminal.

The installation is completed by lightning impulse counters IONICOUNT which allow to register all the lightning events of the Millau Viaduct.

The registered data shows that the lightning protection system of the Millau Viaduct blocks at least 2 impulses per year.

Photo credits: © CEVM Eiffage / Foster+Partners / Daniel Jamme