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Manufacturer of the IONIFLASH MACH NG® ESE air terminal
and French specialist of lightning protection


Air terminal & Accessories

Our air terminal is 100% manufactured in France and all our accessories of lightning protection are also French.

Installations & inspections

We manage the installation of the lightning protection systems, the inspection and the maintenance.

Analysis & Studies

Our engineering office follows you in your projects, from lightning risk analysis to the technical study and design.

ESE air terminal IONIFLASH



Technological advantages that make a difference:

  • UL Certified (Mach NG 60)
  • 10 years warranty
  • No electronic component – no planned obsolescence
  • Made with 316L stainless steel – the most resistant
  • Continuous through axis – no electrical/mechanical breakage
  • Discreet and light – less than 3kgs
  • Tested beyond the requirements of NF C 17-102 ed. 2011

Our other lightning protection products

ESE ai terminal remote testing

ESE remote testing

Lightning impulse counters

Lightning impulse counters

accessories for ESE air terminal


Our catalog of products

Our catalog of products

French know-how recognized worldwide

Our Early Streamer Emission air terminal (ESEAT) have been used in more 70 countries and tens of thousands of locations, and have proven to be highly reliable in all types of climates and all over the world.

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Protected areas


Satisfied customers


More than

Years of experience

ESE air terminal with references

Our ESE Air Terminal and other products protect tens of thousands of areas around the world, including prestigious international references.



Our Lightning Risk Analysis software allows you to know if a lightning protection system is required. Simply enter in the software the parameters of the area to be studied to determine the level of protection required (from I to IV).

The calculations are made from the practical guide FDC 17-108 of January 2017, based on the document NF EN 62305-2 of 2012.

A simplified and free version allows you to determine easily the required level of protection for small areas. The complete version of the software gives access to more parameters for more complexe buildings.