IONEXPERT 4000 : Our Lightning Risk Analysis software

Our brand new Lightning Risk Analysis software is now available in a simplified version and makes it possible to carry out simplified analysis.

Then soon, a second version will follow which will offer more parameters for complete analyzes.

IONEXPERT 4000 simplified version

The Lightning Risk Analysis makes it possible to know whether protection against lightning is necessary.

The calculations of this simplified version of the software are carried out according to the practical guide FDC 17-108 January 2017. This guide is based on the document NF EN 62305-2 of 2012.

You will obtain rapid information thanks to this simplified version of IONEXPERT 4000. For more in-depth analyzes, the full version be more suitable.


IONEXPERT 4000 full version

Coming soon : the full version of our software will be launched in 2024.

By switching to the full version of IONEXPERT 4000 you will be able to manage a complete and more precise Lightning Risk Analysis according to NF EN 62305-2 standard of 2006 and the future edition of 2024.

This full version will allow you to manage in particular:

  • Several buildings in a single analysis
  • More than 3 connected services
  • Demarcate a building in several zones
  • Interconnect zones and / or structures between them via the services