Four experts are permanently involved in standardization in National, European and International Committees.

They participate in the lightning thematic works in Working Groups, Workshop and Maintenance Team and attend the large majority of the meetings in lightning and E.M.F. (Electromagnetic field).

This expertise is available to help you for the definition of your regulatory, strategic and economic orientations.

Working Groups where we are involved

UF 81 : French National Comitee for Lightniing Protection

CD 84 : French National Syndicate for Lightniing Protection GIMELEC – Strategic Division

CT 84 : French National Syndicate for Lightniing Protection GIMELEC – Technical Division

Working Groups

WG 11 : To prepare IEC 62561 series

WG 12 : To prepare standard on Lightning Location Systems (LLS)

WG 13 : To prepare IEC 62793 Ed. 1 : Protection against lightning – Thunderstorm warning systems

Maintenance Team

MT 3 : IEC 62305-4 : Protection against lightning – Part 4 : Electrichal and electronic systems within structures

MT 8 : IEC 62305-1 and -3 : Protection against lightning – Part 1 : General principles, and Part 3 : Physical damage to structures and life hazard

MT 9 : IEC 62305-2 : Protection against lightning – Part 2 : Risk management

MT 14 : Revision of IEC 62561-1, IEC 62561-2, IEC 62561-3, and IEC 62561-4 / Edition 1

MT 15 : Revision of IEC 62561-5, IEC 62561-6 and IEC 62561-7 / Edition 1


WG 02 : Lightning protection components – EN 50164 => EN 62561

WG 03 : Protection against lemp

WG 04 : Assessment of the risk of dmage due to lightning – EN 62305-2

WG 05 : Thunderstorm decetive devices – EN 50536

WG 06 : Pure performance standard – EN 50622






France Paratonnerres participates actively in the scientific research world thanks to many collaborations with famous laboratories and industrials. France Paratonnerres also participates regularly in various Congress and Lightning Conferences all over the world.

Presentation of our research progress, collaborating with C.N.R.S. on “Electromagnetic Field created by Lightning Discharge and impacts on typical building”

Electromagnetic Field created by Lightning Discharge and impacts on typical building

Electromagnetic Field created by Lightning Discharge and impacts on typical building



The scientific works of the engineers – PhDs Michaël TROUBAT and Fabien BARRIERE – presented at the ICLP have been selected among the best promising young scientists in Vienna – Austria: (ICLP_2012_Meilleur Espoir)

ICLP_2012_Meilleur Espoir


Presentation of an article from France Paratonnerres at the 17th International Symposium and Exhibition for Electromagnetic Compatibility, in Clermont Ferrand – FRANCE, on July 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2014 :



France Paratonnerres took part in ILPA Chamonix, on March, 13th and 14th 2014. Documents presented on that occasion: