We are a French Company, implanted in Limoges, FRANCE, on Ester Technology Park

Family business, human sized, our values are, before all, the Social and Environmental Responsibility, Ethic in all what we approach, values which are the guidelines for implementing and developing our strategy.

For this purpose, our company is the only one, in our field, after an in-depth work and rationalisation of our resources, to be labelled Carbon Footprint, as well as its famous technology E.S.E. IONIFLASH MACH.

Choosing us as partner, or choosing IONIFLASH MACH for your protection, deserving you as a responsible-citizen.

For this purpose, our Company is strongly implicated in the scientific circles of observation and research on lightning phenomenon; we participate to numerous workgroups, debates, analysis, through  :

For this purpose, our company is implicated in standardization process, as expert permanent member of the national French committee Afnor UF 81, European Committee Cenelec TC 81, IEC TC 81X.

Our ESE lightning rod IONIFLASH MACH, has been the most highly certified E.S.E. ; IONIFLASH MACH has been concepted totally by our company, is totally produced and assembled in our factory, by our skilled experimented technicians. The E.S.E. IONIFLASH MACH is every year subject of new lab tests, real tests, and is protected by our Patents, Trade Mark, and model drawing.

IONIFLASH MACH has become the Reference of its liability and durability.

Our technology IONIFLASH is distributed in more than 40 countries worldwide by our partners who have joined us, because of their professional reputation in the lightning field, and their commitment to share our values.

Certified UL, Bureau Veritas, Qualifoudre, ASN… Several times recognized for its quality and liability, France Paratonnerres is today elected as President of the Franch Industrial lightning E.S.E. sector at Syndicate GIMELEC.

At last, attached to the truthfulness and quality of press sources, France Paratonnerres is contributing to the Press Freedom in the world :