The ecology and economy: Key challenge for the future


A french decree of May 5th 2017 aims at reducing the carbon footprint, and places this matter as a key for public decisions. It determines the principles and methods for calculation of GHG emissions for public projects.

This movement was already implemented in France Paratonnerres since 2013.

The control of carbon footprint and GHG in the company enabled to keep its market position, with the realization of a GHG / carbon assessment.

The company France Paratonnerres invested during 18 months on permanent works for the realization of this assessment.

The GES calculation enabled to state on the carbon quality of IONIFLASH MACH® and France Paratonnerres® range.

This approach was explained by Elysabeth BENALI – President of France Paratonnerres, during “Innovation Day” event.

Participating during this conference on innovation, she reminded that “innovation is a powerful lever of differentiation, leadership and development, especially when it is linked to an ecological dynamic”

By establishing its air terminal IONIFLASH MACH® N°1 worldwide with carbon footprint with
33 eq Kg CO² , France Paratonnerres maintains its development strategy for a product which takes into consideration these ecological issues. This is necessary to ensure the eficiency of its market shares in France and worldwide.