Conformity installation for lightning protection of a hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Paratonnerres hôpital de Kabinda

Mr. Roland HENSENS, expert engineer in hospital and biomedical equipment, Association Alliances Internationales – Belgium volunteer, organized the re-compliance of the lightning protection system of a hospital in Democratic Republic of Congo.

AAI-B’s mission is to support several charitable and humanitarian projects, carried out in various developing countries.

Located in one of the regions with the highest density of lightning strikes in the world: more than 50 impacts per year and by km², KABINDA’s hospital regularly suffered damages from lightning. An adapted Lightning Protection System was necessary to keep the well-functioning of the hospital and the security of people there.

That is why France Paratonnerres agreed to realize a Technical Study of the site, to precisely define the required protection:

A first installation with a IONIFLASH MACH NG 45 giving a complete satisfaction since 2018, has been completed by a remote testing model IONIFLASH MACH NG 60 TF, on 18m pylon.

The installation was carried out by the technical staff of the hospital, under the supervision of Mr. HENSENS.