Connected Lightning devices

As a world premiere… France PARATONNERRES launch the connected lightning devices…

Within the context of the feedbacks and the surveys of our three in situ tests(*), it appeared essential to monitor the sites, thanks to a Lightning Connected Monitoring (LCM), which offers in its application, all the functions desired by the engineers in charge of the security of the sites.

As a world premiere, we present you our latest innovation, protected by an international Patent, the FLASHREPORT, connected counter, in accordance with the NF/EN 62561-6

– Permanent report connected to your smartphone, Ipad, PC applications.

– Recording of the Class I and II discharging currents, of the time and date of the impact.

– Automated: in order to take in charge the report of the information regarding the site events, and to back up all the events in case of serious deterioration (vandalism…) in your application.

– Adapted to monitor the Outdoor Lightning Protection Systems (on down conductors) and the Indoor Lightning Protection Systems (on the electrical grid).

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(*)SuperBesse (France), Satu Mare (Romania) and Arequipa (Peru).