2023 World NGO Day

Feb 27, 2023 | France_Paratonnerres, Ioniflash Planet

At France Paratonnerres we are proud to support Electriciens sans frontières and Plantons pour l’avenir, two NGOs that share our values of solidarity.

On this World NGO Day 2023 we celebrate and thank these two beautiful associations that act in a concrete way for noble causes:

🌱 Plantons pour l’Avenir is an association that acts for the reforestation of French forests. We support their projects by donating a part of our turnover every year.

💡 Electriciens Sans Frontières fights for access to energy and water in developing countries. By providing our expertise on projects that require lightning protection we help ESF in their mission.

Help us to support their projects by choosing our low carbon and sustainable ESE air terminals.

If you want to support these two NGOs:

Website Plantons pour l’avenir

Website Electriciens Sans Frontières