2021 review of Plantons pour l’Avenir

Aug 18, 2021 | Ioniflash Planet, France_Paratonnerres

Plantons pour l'Avenir

Since 2 years, we are supporting the association Plantons pour l’Avenir, which is dedicated to reforestation.

In practical terms, what does it mean?

Here is an overview of the results of Plantons pour l’Avenir in 2021:

  • 5 280 000€ in donations collected from 112 companies and 50 private individuals
  • 1 880 hectares reforested as part of sustainable management
  • 2 350 000 trees planted
  • 316 projects financially and technically supported for their reforestation work
  • 56 625 tonnes of CO2 neutralized for decades to come

As a benefacter, we contribute to the United Nations sustainable development goals.

By purchasing the products from the IONIFLASH range, you allow us to engage with Plantons pour l’Avenir.

Thank you!